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Best dental experience I’ve ever had! Dr. Chen is professional, reliable, and honest. I came in for a consultation to get a second opinion on teeth bonding. Dr. Chen thoroughly explained the pros and cons of the procedure and didn’t try to sell me something that I didn’t need (unlike my previous dentist). He genuinely has the patient’s best interest at heart! Would highly recommend him for anyone looking for a knowledgeable, caring primary dentist!
— Neha S.
What an outstanding place - I just went today for a toothache. They took me in no problem on a Sunday one hour before they were closing - the staff was incredibly professional and very clean. Lewis and Michelle took care of me. I get dentist anxiety and I felt the calmest I’ve ever felt going to the dentist. They alleviated all of my concerns and explained what was happening each step of the way. Everyone was sincere in doing their best to make sure I had the best care. My toothache is completely gone. I would HIGHLY recommend and I would go again.
— Sarah O.
Clean, modern, thorough. Dr. Chen is a REAL professional. Makes coming here a pleasant ordeal (given that it’s a dentist visit). Can’t recommend this enough.
— Young
Doctor Chen. He was warm, professional, and took the time to explain what he was seeing. He avoided using too much “dental speak” and explained the planned treatment and what I could expect each step of the way. I almost don’t want to share all the positives from this experience since I’ll be seeing much more of Dr. Chen in the near future and if others book him...
— Jerry
My husband and I both had an appointment with Dr. Lewis Chen this weekend for general cleaning. We had a wonderful experience and glad that we were able to find a professional and friendly practice nearby home. The location is easy to find and the place is very clean and new. Felt almost like a spa visit. Dr. Chen is very professional. Cleaning was thorough and gentle. Check up was efficient - X-rays first and then we went through the results. Overall, we had a great experience.
— Chao
What I like about seeing Dr. Chen is how personable he is, he even tells me he is Facebook friends with his patients! He is very thorough and detail oriented. I like that he has recently formed his practice so you don’t have to worry about him retiring any time soon, and he also arranges all his appointments personally which is very nice. He’s very hard working and answers all emails within a few minutes. When you make an appointment with Dr. Chen you will spend the entire time with him, he does all the cleanings and x-rays himself, so it is nice to get to work with him for such a long period of time, as opposed to going to a practice where the dentist only comes in for a minute or two to talk about the x-rays. It’s rare in 2018 to find a dentist who will sit down with you for 2 hours. I don’t feel like I am going to the dentist when I go see Dr. Chen.
— Melanie S.
I haven’t had a dental check-up in a while so I was a little nervous but I actually enjoyed my experience. Dr. Lewis Chen was very friendly and walked me through everything (x-rays, what he was doing, etc.), which was very helpful. My check-up/cleaning was straightforward, efficient, and Dr. Chen was great. Definitely recommend.
— Steph
Dr Chen is a professional, honest, down to earth, and light handed Dentist with beautiful teeth. As my trainer has to have a nice body, I do really need my dentist to have a nice set of teeth ( just saying had to add that) anyway Dr Chen took care of my cavity and I felt nothing, even the shot didn’t hurt me at all usually I dread it. I have a hard to reach tooth that got darker than my other teeth. Dr. Chen with no problem cleaned my teeth so well that the tooth looks the same color as all others. That was some deep cleaning. My son was in and out no problem. Thank you Dr Chen for such a great job, and for your patience with answering all my questions sincerely.
— Unique S.